43 The Perfect Gig

The perfect gig can come from unexpected places, like one we stumbled into in Rhode Island in 1998.

This story was first posted on slaid.com in 1998.

We were tired.  Charles “King” Arthur and I had just done a quick sound check for an afternoon show at the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.  The rooms we had requested didn’t come through, so we just sat in the car on Main Street, staring through the windshield.  It was our default location.

This would be our tenth show in the past eleven days.  We had left Austin, Texas, in my ’74 Dodge Dart Sport, driving straight over to Florida, then up the coast to Vermont before heading south that morning for RI.  We had seen our share of bland, sterile chain motels in the last two weeks, and the thought of driving around to find one more was not agreeing with me.  We were so used to hurrying along on this tour that we didn’t know what to with this moment of inaction, so we just sat in the car and stared ahead.

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