0 Northeast US shows

Has the snow melted up there yet?  Karen and Slaid Cleaves will leave the warm Texas spring for parts North and East in May.  We’ll be in Natick MA, Bath ME, Chatham NJ, and three shows in New York: Stony Brook, Saratoga Springs and Stone Ridge.

Oh yeah, and The Mighty Duke Levine will be joining Slaid on stage.

All the details on the Tour Page.

3 Tour from Hell

It started so nicely, sunny and warm for two days in Seattle.  The Northwest shows were packed with fun people.  But something happened when we crossed into California.  We all got the flu, then I got bronchitis.  We had to cancel three shows.  We struggled mightily through the rest.  The crowds were supportive – they knew we were giving it our all: Karen, Chojo and myself.  But it was hard.  Then it rained on us in LA.  And on our way home we found out our dear friend Kent Finlay had passed away.  I’m going to curl up into a ball for a few days.


0 Palms canceled

Regretfully, we’ve decided to pull the plug on Slaid’s show tonight at The Palms.  Slaid and crew have been battling a head cold with cough for a few days now and unless you’re up for Karaoke, we won’t be able to do the show . . . So sorry for the inconvenience to all.  Advance ticket holders can get refunds at place of purchase

Please keep en eye on slaid.com/twitter/facebook for updates on the remaining dates of the California Tour.