0 My Senior Prom

It's hard for me to even image the devotion I felt for rock & roll as a youngster. It was a cause to live and die for. Including taking a girl I'd never met to her prom in order to land a gig.

It’s hard for me to even image the devotion I felt for rock & roll as a youngster. It was a cause to live and die for. I remember driving my rustbucket, slant 6 Duster 15 miles of winding back roads through 8 inches of snow to make band practice in the basement of Mark Deeley’s parents’ house in Rochester, New Hampshire.  I was 17.  The drummer didn’t show up that night (intelligently, in hindsight), and I took that to mean he was not committed to this band.  It was a cover band, practicing in a basement, gearing up to getting work in the local hotel lounges and Asian restaurants and bowling alleys.  I would do anything for that band. One of our first gigs was a wedding, some relative of Mark’s. In the hall I was approached by an important looking man.  He had an air of confidence about him.  I had my leather pants on. He introduced himself as the owner of one of the big clubs in town, Club Victoire. They had bands every weekend. He would hire us if I would do him a favor, help him out of a jam. No, it’s nothing illegal. He told me about his problem. His daughter was in charge of the senior prom, which was two weeks away. Her boyfriend had just dumped her (“and if I ever get my hands on him . . .”)  And if I would escort this young lady to her prom (tux and dinner—taken care of) he would give my band a gig at his club. I didn’t hesitate.

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0 Slaid Cleaves’ Maine Clam Bake

Slaid's step-by-step instructions for having a Clam Bake. Maine style.

First, have your uncles sneak into the town dump and haul out a used 250 gallon heating oil tank. Then have your neighbor cut it in half with his arc welder. Buy them all a case of Genesee Cream Ale.

Order a crate of lobsters from a local lobsterman. If you invite him to the clam bake he will probably give you “boat price.” Call up some cousins and friends to help with the clam digging and wood carrying. Borrow Dad’s pickup to haul a couple of loads of scrap wood from the neighbor who has the saw mill.

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